Grocery Clubs

A more transparent and convenient way to save 

Bhakosi provides huge discounts for grocery clubs, rounds or stokvels.

We assist your clubs by providing a single and transparent point of procurement of bulk groceries to share at the end of the agreed period for your club, eg every month, 3 months, 6 months or a year.

We minimise the risks clubs encounter in the handling of subscriptions, such as the misappropriation of funds by admins and treasurers, comingling of funds with with personal expenses, procurement of products in counterfeit, expired or poor condition.

We also provide the logistical and supply chain convenience so that you don't have to go up and down to get the value your group deserves.

Buy periodically from Bhakosi and store your cache:

1. Give a discount code to your clubs registered Bhakosi account
2. You order from our website or app. Apply your discount to enjoy the group discount for your club.
3. Provide us with a delivery address to drop off the goods.
4. We will provide your club with a fiscal tax invoice with every delivery that includes an itemised list of the products ordered and delivered.

We can do this however as often as you need. Although we prefer to drop of orders as you order them we can provide storage upon special requests. 

Email us with the details of your grocery club  on